Air Quality

The Pielachtal region is located in the foothills of the Alps and is in perfect position for the highest air quality standards. Due to that fact, a high number of official climate spas can be found in the sourroundings of Pielachtal. Of course, the perfect air quality is a further step to the best possible organic milk which our farmers deliver to the NÖM.

Since the start of the narrow railway through the Pielachtal, heading towards mariazell, a clerical hot spot with a big cathedral (visited by 2 popes in the last 25 years), people are visiting the pielachtal because of the climate , moderate temperatures in summer always bring a lot of people fleeing form the hot cities during summer.

Due to the fact, there is still ore or less no industry but agriculture, there is no possible air pollution at all.

The huge woods, covering the stony rock area of the alps are filtering the air perfectly and giving this nice perfume of needle and wood to the air.