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NÖM is the most creative and pioneering producer of dairy products in Austria. The European market leader position in several Dairy categories shows the results of continuing development process.


Investments in production and bottling techniques have enabled NÖM to grow to a successful dairy producer, located in the heart of Europe supplying Retail and B2B partners with constant product innovation.


Our customers know and appreciate us not only as a brand manufacturer, but also as a contractor. In the area of co-packing, we offer tailored solutions for all kind of dairy products. Our many years of experience as a dairy manufacturer makes us a competent partner.


In fact, we supply all major retail partners in Europe, in 24 different countries.


Retail Austria – 奥地利零售商
Retail Europe – 欧洲零售商

We are proud to co-manufactor major European brands, such as Nestlé (Nescafe frappuccino, Nesquik, Ice coffee), Ehrmann (Almighurt drinks), Zott (Monte drink range), Friesland Campina (all liquid Landliebe products), Mars PET (whiskas cat milk for more than 20 countries), Immer gut (cream and yoghurt drinks), Rauch (cafemio) – to name a few.

我们很自豪能够成为主要欧洲品牌的联合制造商,如雀巢(雀巢星冰乐、Nesquik可可粉、冰咖啡)、Ehrmann(Almighurt饮品)、Zott(蒙特饮料系列)、Friesland Campina(所有液体Landliebe产品)、Mars PET(超过20个国家的whiskas猫咪专用牛奶)、Immer gut(奶油和酸奶饮品)、Rauch(cafemio)——仅举几例。

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电话:+43 (0)2252 / 89 581