Dairy History

Milk production in an extensive agriculture has a longterm history in the region of Pielachtal. All farmers have a respectful way of dealing with nature and have commited themselves to produce organic milk only. NÖM, as a company, collects milk from all the small family owned farms on a daily base and, therefore, it is guaranteed that the milk can reach the package within 24 hours of the cows being milked.

Historic records go back in the years of 1330 where a farmer started a cheese production in the Pielachtal and first sale activities where recorded.

Usually all the farm houses do have an own history book with records back in average of up to 500 years and always with data of cheese and milk activities.

Exactly 120 years ago the first train line was built in the Pielachtal and of the very first beginning milk was transported by railway and the old milk cars are still a great attraction at activities with old timer steam engines and old passengers and freight cars.