The hard work of the farmers has turned the Pielachtal region step by step into a picturesque landscape that has become one of the most popular vacation areas in Austria. While in some areas of Europe the former landscape has changed significantly caused by increasing industrialization, the Pielachtal region went another path and tried to keep the original mix of forest and grassland.

Since then the farms have grown slowly and, nevertheless, improved their technical skills considerably. Today the family owned farms with a maximum of 20 cows are as close to their heritage of milk production as possible, but of course follow the highest possible standards you can find in Europe. Each farm is member of the BIO Austria Guarantee as well as certified by the agroVET certification GmbH. Furthermore, a membership in the „Tiergesundheitsdienst“ (an association focussed on the best possible treatment of animals) is compulsory for all NÖM farmers.