As the region of Pielachtal managed to keep most of the grasslands for their farms, it is nearly to 100% possible for our farmers to use exclusively feed from the own farm. All farms are member of the Bio Austria association and, therefore, have to follow the strict regulations regarding cow feed. However, since those family owned farms in Pielachtal have the strong belief that sustainability in their work is essential for the next generations, they would even choose to go that way without those guidelines.

NÖM was the first dairy in Europe with exclusively GMO-free production. Since May 1, 2009, the dairy has converted the entire product range to GMO-free production and thus all NÖM farmers to GMO-free feeding. Since then, the entire cycle has been continuously checked for compliance with the GMO Codex guidelines. This is all possible through the deep bond and the relationship of trust with all NÖM farmers. Austria's consumers can thus choose from a wide range of non-GMO Choose food. GMO-free agriculture and the cultivation ban on genetically modified plants make this possible. With such unprecedented pioneering work as that of NÖM, new standards were set and sealed with the quality label "Produced without genetic engineering".

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