History 历史

NÖM has lived to see many things in its history of more than 100 years: expansions, consolidation, initial public offering and acquisitions. And everything has always been about continous success and the uncompromised freshness and quality of our dairy products. We will follow this for another 100 years. We can promise you that.



fru fru is actually the oldest yoghurt available on the Austrian Market. The exact beginning of fru fru’s history is unknown but at least it started in the 1920’s. One of the first testimonials was the famous soccer player Matthias Sindelar – and he really enjoyed fru fru.

fru fru是目前奥地利市场上可以获得的最古老的酸奶。虽然fru fru历史的确切创建时间无可考证,但至少它创建于1920年代。最初的推荐人之一是著名的足球运动员Matthias Sindelar——他真的很喜欢fru fru。


Expansion through the acquisition of other companies and mergers with smaller dairy producers.



Establishment of Schärdinger Milch AG (later to become "NÖM ag") through the Schärdinger Dairy Association Cooperative with Limited Liability in 1140 Vienna. Introduction of Milchhof in 1140 Vienna to NÖM ag.

Schärdinger Milch 股份有限公司(后来改名为 “NÖM 股份公司”)是由Schärdinger乳制品联合会有限责任公司在维也纳1140邮编地区成立。在维也纳1140邮编地区的Milchhof被NÖM股份公司兼并。

1991 - 1996

  • 1991: Schärdinger Milch AG IPO. Acquisition of WIMO in 1020 Vienna.
  • 1992: Consolidation of WIMO into the Lower Austrian Dairy Cooperative with Limited Liability. Establishment of Wien Milch AG.
  • 1993: Introduction of the Lower Austrian Dairy Cooperative into the Wien Milch AG. Purchase of Alpenmilchzentrale Trösch. Introduction of MOGROS (Baden, Wr. Neustadt, Hainfeld and Kirchschlag) and Mirimi (Prinzersdorf, St. Pölten, St. Georgen, and Pöggstall) to the Wien Milch AG. Purchase of shares of Slovakian dairy producer RAJO a.s. in Bratislava.
  • 1994: Introduction of Obergrafendorf and Mank dairy farms to Schärdinger Milch AG.
  • 1995: Merger of Wien Milch AG and Schärdinger Milch AG. Introduction of the Zwettl dairy company, the Waldviertel milk union (Gmünd, Horn and Waidhofen/Thaya) and Ybbstal (Waidhofen/Ybbs).
  • 1996: Company name change from Schärdinger Milch AG to NÖM ag.

  • 1991:Schärdinger Milch 股份公司首次公开募股。收购在维也纳1020邮编地区的WIMO。
  • 1992:将WIMO与下奥地利乳制品联合会进行合并。成立了Wien Milch AG(维也纳乳业股份公司)。
  • 1993:将下奥地利乳制品联合会并入Wien Milch AG(维也纳乳业 股份公司)。收购阿尔卑斯山牛奶中心Trösch。将MOGROS(Baden、Wr. Neustadt、Hainfeld和Kirchschlag)与Mirimi(Prinzersdorf、St. Pölten、St. Georgen和Pöggstall)并入Wien Milch AG (维也纳乳业股份公司)。购买位于布拉迪斯拉发的斯洛伐克乳制品生产商RAJO a.s.的股权。
  • 1994:将Obergrafendorf和Mank奶牛场并入Schärdinger Milch AG股份公司。
  • 1995:Wien Milch AG (维也纳乳业 股份公司与Schärdinger Milch AG股份公司合并。兼并Zwettl乳制品公司、Waldviertel乳业联盟(Gmünd、Horn和Waidhofen/Thaya)以及Ybbstal(Waidhofen/Ybbs)。
  • 1996:公司名称从Schärdinger Milch AG股份公司变更为NÖM AG股份公司。


Move to Baden (Vienna) and commissioning of the Baden cold warehouse.



Start of a reorganisation after heavy losses and a company structure consisting of many small dairies.



Entry into the export business and PET bottle technology. First foreign market: Germany.



  • 2000-2007: Expansion of international trade throughout Europe.
  • 2004: Partnership with the German company Karwendel in the Italian market.
  • 2007: Acquisition of Mona GmbH with a subsidiary located in Hungary.
  • 2009: Today NÖM ag in Baden is competitive throughout Europe and boasts international trade relations.

  • 2000 – 2007:扩大整个欧洲的国际贸易。
  • 2004:与德国公司Karwendel在意大利市场进行合作。
  • 2007:收购Mona 有限责任公司,其子公司位于匈牙利。
  • 2009:如今,位于巴登的NÖM 股份公司在整个欧洲都具有竞争力,并拥有国际贸易关系。


100 % acquisition of Italian interests. Entry into UHT range of milk products. Start of butter products manufacturing and specialty products served in pots.


2013 - 2014

  • 2013: Sale of NOM Dairy UK Ltd. Italy has removed Germany as the biggest export market of NÖM.
  • 2014: MONA Hungary is sold. The operative business is being continued by NÖM Baden.
    Expansion of production with the quark and cream cheese range on the site in Baden.

  • 2013:出售NOM 乳制品英国有限公司。意大利已取代德国作为NÖM的最大出口市场。
  • 2014:MONA匈牙利被出售。其运营业务由NÖM 巴登继续经营。


NÖM Stay fresh. The modern milk production for products refined with love and with the best taste for contemporary everyday life.



Since January 2016 our dairy company, NÖM, is the first company in Austria to work CO2 neutral.



Acquisition of the Baumax Building.



NÖM celebrates its 120 years anniversary