Organic Milk 有机牛奶

In Austria organic milk, sold in supermarkets, has a long tradition for more than 20 years. Therefore, Austria has particular strict regulations in terms of organic milk production. The NÖM farmers from the Pielachtal region are following the organic production guidelines of BIO Austria for a long time already. Moreover, they are running their farms as extensive agriculture to keep everything in the best possible condition for the next generation.

在奥地利,超市销售有机牛奶拥有超过20年的悠久传统。因此,奥地利在有机牛奶的生产方面有着特别严格的规定。 长期以来,皮拉赫塔尔地区的NÖM农场主们严格遵循BIO Austria的有机生产规范。此外,他们精心经营农场,广泛发展农业,为下一代确保一切处于最佳状态。

Our milk is: 我们的牛奶是:

  • 100% GMO-free
  • S-Quality (Highest ranking among European countries)
  • AMA quality approved
  • AgroVet approved
  • Environmental friendly and sustainable
  • Produced in the first Austrian CO2 neutral dairy

  • 100%非转基因产品
  • S级品质(欧洲国家内最高的排名)
  • AMA质量认证
  • AgroVet认证
  • 环保且可持续
  • 奥地利首家碳中性乳制品厂制造

Our milk is cerified with the AMA organic label: 我们的牛奶已通过AMA有机标签认证:

The AMA organic label guarantees 100% in addition to the requirements of the EU Biologist organic ingredients of agricultural origin and meets higher quality requirements than the provided by legal organic standards. The AMA-Biosiegel is a multi-stage Quality assurance and control system.

Please find more information about the AMA organic label with the link below:

AMA有机标签除了符合欧盟生物学家对农业有机成分的要求外,还保证100%来自原产地,并满足比法定有机标准更高的质量要求。 AMA有机食品标识是一个多阶段的质量保证及控制系统。


Furthermore we our proud to have the ÖPUl certification: Austrian programm for environmental friendly farming. As well as the ÖKO Punkte certification which is an Austrian Programm to rpotect a sustainable ecological farming environment.

此外,我们很荣幸获得奥地利环保农业项目——ÖPUl认证。以及荣获ÖKO Punkte认证,这是一个奥地利项目,旨在保护可持续的生态农业环境。

Further certifications: 其他证书:

  • BRC (Grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • Agrovet
  • UTZ
  • Sedex

  • BRC(A级)
  • IFS(更高等级)
  • Agrovet
  • UTZ
  • Sedex

Therefore we are proud co-manufacturing partners of organic brands like: