NÖM’s highly motivated and experienced employees are critical to our and your success. Innovation and development is the driving force behind it. We design and develop products according to our customer’s requirements and turn the product idea into market-ready reality.

Due to many years of experience and high class standards NÖM realizes the partner’s concepts starting with the product idea through the packaging up to the product launch. Under consideration of our customers’ demands and needs, we develop tailor-made recipes and processes, which reflect the success of our assortment in the international market.

Fermented Drinks

NÖM offers tasty yoghurt drinks in various fat levels and flavors! Up to 250 different recipes enable us to be the perfect partner for fermented milk drinks.

Flavored Milk

NÖM is well known for its high quality flavored milk drinks. We produce UHT and fresh flavored milk drinks in PET bottles, HDPE bottles and cartons.

Milk and Cream

Milk is the daily companion for everybody and we at NÖM force that every yoghurt, milk and cream meets the costumer’s expectations due to long experience in this section.


Experts in producing plain, set and stirred yoghurt over fruit or with fruit mixed-in, sweet or tart. Customized packaging by choice of size, design, coating, lid and multipacking offers comprehensive flexibility

Fresh Cheese and Curd

A brand new plant for cottage cheese and curd offers additional options for the customers in this segment.


With our state of the art butter production we are producing larger volumes and greater variety for our customers.

Juices and Smoothies

Juices and Smoothies are a great way to get a good boost of vitamins and minerals. With a plenty of packaging possibilities we can offer an easy to drink, refreshing and delicious liquid.