Water Quality 水的质量

Beside the fact that the air quality sets its own standards, the water throughout the valley is pure drinking quality. Of course this is measured by official instances and an independent labratory. In fact, watering the cows with high quality drinking water does not only improve their health but also the milk quality and implies a high milk standard.


The highest drinking water quality of all the rivers and tributaries in the Pielachtal valey is not only attractive for milk production and the basis for this best milk quality, meat quality is on top another important output of that philosophy.

It is not a coincidate, that MC Donalds is using for burgers in Austria only Austrian beef and the Pielachtal is of course a long time supplier of organic meat to MC Donalds.

The Pielachtal is world wide for another group of tourists and experts: the fly fisherman. It is a world wide famous destination to hunt after the original and autochonic brown trout and the biggest trout on earth, the huchor (it gets up to 50 pounds with a length of 130 cm....!)




Both species are very sensitive of water quality and environmental influences. Therefore in the Pielachtal there are still significant number of this rare fish specis still catchable.


Report of drinking water quality at Pielachtal: